Watt & Shand #3
The third in a series of works documenting the transformation of the former Watt & Shand building in Lancaster, PA into a convention center and hotel.
The facade of the historic building was preserved, and I was interested in the architectural details surrounding the original windows.  This work features images from photographs taken in July, 2008.

Thermofax prints on cotton and linen, artist-painted and commercial fabrics, machine stitching.
Size: 40"h x 32"w
For Sale: $2,600


Exhibit History

  • Pennsylvania Arts Experience Member Exhibit, PA Governor's Residence, 2015
  • Contemporary Threads,  2012, Marietta Art House, Marietta, PA
  • Art Quilts XVI, 2011, Chandler Center for the Arts, Chandler, AZ
  • 200 Years in the Making, 2011,  Weavings, Ink. Gallery, Wrightsville, PA
  • Solo show at the Lancaster Arts Hotel Gallery,  2010, Lancaster, PA

WATT & SHAND #3 Details