Skunk and Garlic Mustard
I smell skunks, and find evidence where they dug in the lawn for grubs, more often than I spot them. For this piece I had the luxury of an entire skunk skeleton to work with, and chose to combine the images with a print of the garlic mustard that runs rampant in my garden and the woods nearby.

Cyanotypes on cotton, heliographic print on silk, artist-painted and commercial silk and cotton fabrics, vintage embroidery, stitching.
Size: 50"h x 51"w
For Sale: $5,300


Exhibit History

  • Flora, Fauna and Flow, solo show of 30 art quilts, October - December  2017, Olewine Gallery, Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art, Millersburg, PA
  • Sue Reno: Life Along the River, Narrative art quilts depicting the Susquehanna River and its environs. 2017 Solo show at the Pennsylvania Arts Experience Gallery, York, PA
  • SPUN, NEST Arts Factory, 2016, Bridgeport, CT
  • Machine Quilting Unlilmited, Sept./Oct 2015, feature article "Environmental Exploration"
  • Process and Product: Quilting Redefined, Sunshine Art+Design Gallery, 2015, Lancaster, PA
  • American Quilter Magazine, March 2014 issue
  • 35th Annual Contemporary Craft Exhibit, 2014, Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, Mesa, AZ
  • Images 2013,  Robeson Gallery, Penn State University, University Park, PA. Award of Merit winner.
  • Pushing the Limits 2012, Artspace Gallery, Richmond, VA